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Let's talk about our favorite LOST Podcasts (of course, topping off the list:Slegdeweb LOST Podcast):

The Lost Podcasts that I regularly listen to are:
- Sledgeweb
- Generally Speaking
- Jay and Jack
- Delta Park gets Lost
- Official Lost Podcast

Hotspur Warrior:
Always listen to Sledge's Lost Podcast, big fan of it. I've listened to quite a few fan podcasts but few are as good as Sledge's.

I did find one called LostCASTS the other week, which was an hour/two hour (I forget, but it was longer than most) long. It was a cool format, basically three guys talking about Lockdown, which was the most recent episode at the time. Not being able to remember where I found it, I haven't been able to get any further episodes of the LostCASTS.

The only podcast I listen to regularly other than Sledge's is the official one. I really don't like it. I'm all for having a laugh when doing a project, but on a 20 minute show do Carlton and Damon really need to spend half the time talking about Latvians and other non-Lost rubbish? And when they are talking about Lost, they really have this sort of "christ, we work on Lost for a living and now we have to talk about it?" attitude. I don't read the ABC Lost forum, but I'm sure there are some good questions asked to Damon and Carlton, yet usually silly, pointless questions are used and even then proper answers are rarely given. I only listen because of the occasional interesting tidbit, such as when they announced to look out for something in the background in London in Fire + Water.

im just wondering when the next podcast is out.  if i get my maths right, it should cover the final episode of the season "Live Together, Die Alone"

Geronimo Jackson:
They did one already, you can listen to it on abc.om and also find the podcast forum on it here do a searchas I forgot where it ended up, but it's very detailed.


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