Author Topic: Sayid talkign to young ben as he was older ben... any connection?  (Read 1067 times)

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WHen Sayid was building homes in theDominican REpulblic... ben has told him that " you lov ekilling is what you are" Saying pauses and replies with I do not... like kiling..." theh the very last scence 12 year old Ben asks :whats wrong?" Sayid replies with..." You were always right,,, I AM a killer" then shoots 12 year old Ben. Sayid spoke to youn Ben as he would have spoeken to grown up ben. mayneb or maybe not that something...

i also think that what if the hostiles find dyig ben.. andthey have a chid of their own... and switich places withthem... manin the iron mask it... nobody is the wiser... the ben we know.. is that new ben.. Sayid goes running off without even chekcing the body. I HATE WITING... OL