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Tips on Using the Search Function
« on: May 03, 2006, 04:27:35 PM »
Please, before you post, do a search to see if someone else has talked about the same subject in the past!  This won't be as much of an issue as the forum is just starting, but it will be as the forum ages, gets more members, and gets more posts.  Please be considerate to those who have been around longer, and do a search to see if a subject has been posted about before, to avoid reposting the same material.

Here are some search tips to help limit search results to relevant material:

  • Search in quotes to search for phrases, rather than individual words.  Ex: "Jack's divorce" will come up with back with fewer, more focused results than 'Jack's divorce' (without the ' s), which will turn up posts that have the word 'Jack's' and 'divorce', but not necessarily together in a phrase, in that order.  You will want to click 'Match all words' for this function.
  • Click the 'Topic subjects only' box to search for all topics that have the word in the title only.  This is another useful way of limiting search results to a smaller group of only the most relevant threads.
  • Click on the '+' to open up all the subforums... and then click only the specific boards you want to search in.  Ex:  If you know your subject is about a spoiler, then only search the two spoiler forums.
  • If you are looking for recent posts that you have made, click on your Username in the forums, and your User Data Page should pop up.  Scroll down the bottom and you will see a link to 'Show the last posts of this person.'  Clicking on this can help you locate threads you may have forgotten about, or posts that you can't remember the location of.

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