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about Jacob
« on: November 28, 2009, 11:54:36 PM »
Assuming that Jacob is the Jacob from the Bible


1 theres one episode that Alex's boyfriend was kidnapped and forced to watch some vid and we can clearly see the subtitle on the screen says "god loves you as he loved Jacob."

2 the ancient egypt paintings. bible says that jacob and his family moved to egypt so i guess thats why he has those paintings on his wall.

3 the Jacob and Esau theory, i do believe in that and it quite make sense to me.

So if Jacob is the one from the bible

Is Ben his son? and Ben is the loophole instead of the theory that the leaders of "others". 
when john tried to leave the island and "Christian" says to him "say hi to my son." Can we assume that the "Christian" is actually Jacob and "say hi to my son" is to Ben not Jack?

maybe its all old to you but i just finished watching season 5. so applogize if it's nothing new here:D