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Subscribing to sections of SWLS via RSS/XML


One of the great things about moving to this forum system, is that it allows users to subscribe to different areas of the site using RSS/XML feeds. I am going to post a few examples of how the feed system works here. If you would like to know how to subscrive to a specific part of the site, let me know.

NOTE: This likely will not load in your broswer, but should work as LIVE BOOKMARKS, or in your RSS aggregator program of choise.

Latest 5 posts site-wide (main RSS feed):

10 latest entries in LATES NEWS (news article only):

10 latest entries in LATEST NEWS (with replies):

10 latest entries in INVESTIGATIONS (investigation aritcles only):

10 latest entries in INVESTIGATIONS (with replies):

10 latest entries in EPISODE DISCUSSION:

10 latest entries in GENERAL DISCUSSION:

10 latest entries in QNA:

The possibilities are endless (not really)! So, let's break down what is happening here. Obviously, the RSS feeds are created dynamically based on the URL you used. You can change the values in the URL to subscribe to different RSS feeds. Here is what these variables do:

c=5 : This is designating a category to subscribe to. If you hover over a category in the forum, such as QNA, you will see c=# in the status bar at the bottom of your browser window. What ever number you see in c=# is the category number for that category.

board=20 : This is the board number. Boards go inside categories. So, you may not want to subscribe to a whole board, but only the category within that board. You can find the board number by clicking on a board and looking at the URL at the top of your browser (board=#).

sa=news : Adding this line tells the system you only want the first post in new topics (you don't want replies).

limit=10 : This tells the system how many records you want to return.

type=rss : This tells the system what format you want the feed in. If rss doesn't work, try rss2.

If you are using FIREFOX, or another browser that supports LIVE BOOKMARKS, you can click the RSS icon in your broswer and select a feed to bookmark. If you would like to see more feeds added to support this feature, please let me know.

Does it work to not put a limit on the number of entries?


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