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UK Clues - May 2
« on: May 03, 2006, 01:44:24 AM »
Okay, tonight, May 2, in the UK The Lost Experience officially kicked off.  Here is what we know so far:

A press release was sent out by The Hanso Foundation announcing the re-launch of their site,  At the end of this file is a phone number for Hugh McIntyre, the head of Communications for Hanso.  I tried calling this number (a U.S. number) and got a voice mail.  I left a message.  Click here to see the pdf file of the press release.

A Hanso Foundation commercial aired during Lost in the UK (the number given was: 011-44-0800 66 66 40).  The number gave a phone menu for Hanso Foundation with messages from several of the Executives at The Hanso Foundation.  The audio files are currently on  Or access them directly with these link:
Main Menu
First Option
Second Option
Third Option
Fourth Option
Fifth Option

Options 4 and 5 are very interesting.
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Re: UK Clues - May 2
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2006, 05:04:19 PM »
YAY! I have been looking for the UK bit for ages! Sorry it took me so long! I was up last night for ages listening to the 0800 number and writing everything down. I posted it last night in the old format but my posts have disappeared (I'm sure temporarily).

So, what do you make of it? I have so many questions to ask like:

Is the address relevant? Have we heard of the other names before? What is the Korean Offshore Project (could be a silly question!)? What exactly is the accelerated remote viewing/training facility?

Did anybody else try putting in 'the numbers' when it says you can put in your parties extension? It didn't work for me...

These all seem like silly questions actually, in fact, they seem like answers in a way. I should be talking to myself really!

I think I'm going a bit stir crazy from all this new stuff!

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