Author Topic: Ben can't return to the island?  (Read 8666 times)

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Re: Ben can't return to the island?
« Reply #45 on: February 25, 2009, 04:05:04 PM »
Ben lies.  Ben lies.  Ben lies.  How long till some of you buy this?  He always could go back, but ...... he lies!!

Or..... the rules changed.  But what changed them:
1) killing Penny in revenge for his daughter
2) killing Mrs Hawkins
3) killing Locke and returning with all the other o6ers
4) killing Des
5) killing Aaron and/or Charlie

Or something else.

LOL...Ben lies. Ben lies AND, when he doesn't lie, it's only because he's sneaky with semantics, so technically, he's not lying, just misleading.

What changed the rules, good question. And what exact rules have been changed? And if it has something to do with Desmond, that doesn't make sense because how did he get to be the special one to whom the rules don't apply in the first place? Is Desmond why Ben can or can't return to the island? And if it has to do with time travel... omb. Brain... exploded.  :o