Author Topic: "Wouldn't you do anything to save . . . "Juliet in The Deal, Sun to Kate, Rm 31  (Read 2644 times)

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Two same lines repeat? A coincidence? "Wouldn't you do anything to save Walt?" (Juliet in The Deal, Missing Pieces) and "Wouldn't you do anything to save him? (Sun to Kate in Rm 31). Juliet made a deal (that she would stay on the island) with Ben to save Rachel's child, Julien.  Kate makes deal (we are not sure what as of this epi, suggested killing the two "lawyers") with Sun to save Aaron.  Has Sun made a deal with someone (Widmore) to save Ji Yeon?  We have only her saying that she's with her grandmother in South Korea.  And, there is some question as to why she doesn't have a more current photo.  Maybe Ji Yeon is in hiding like Charlie Hume. Will Desmond be put in a situation were he has to make deal to save Charlie?

Julien, Ji Yeon

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Except that Sun's line isn't " save Aaron."  It's " keep Aaron."  Small difference -- maybe it means nothing, maybe it means something.  I can't quite decide yet.

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I don't believe the feud would involve Sun or Desmond Child.

Ben wants Penny

Widmore told  Desmond to take her far away, he knows nothing about a grandson, cause if he did the rules might change again!