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Ajira Airways

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When did the site get overhauled?


It's all vaguely sinister. That music is reminiscent of a DHARMA training film too.

Sweet Old Lady:
Mango, did you fold your boarding pass and look inside?

Jungle Otter:
Did you notice the numbers on the boarding pass? It's latitude......which runs through Guam - town of Agana


--- Quote from: Sweet Old Lady on December 29, 2008, 10:29:59 PM ---Mango, did you fold your boarding pass and look inside?

--- End quote ---

I've no ink in my printer, so I couldn't do the origami.  :-\

Sweet Old Lady:
Here are the instructions for folding the boarding pass.  When you finish it you're supposed to look inside the ball and see something.  I'm not able to do it.  Can anyone else make this thing work?

Here's a video on how to make an origami ball.


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