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To JEN! Our favorite Nudist.

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(Ok, before people get mad at me, I asked first to make sure she wouldn't hate me for this :D )

nejsitsol, or Jen Is Lost, is one of my favorite recent posters. I am starting a thread for her, just cause. I invite all, men and women alike, to share in the extravagant thanking of our dear Jen.

I am tired of typing it, you may be tired of reading it, but someone has to warn her.

Let the stalking by JB begin!!!

I think I said- Do what you want- but I am sure there won't be much interest!  No Stalking JB! 

But with that said I am kinda proud to have my own thread*ggls*  Maybe I have finally arrived?!?!? :o

You have arrived and welcome!!

(but beware of JB, he does stalk)

Thank you Jugdish!

I don't pay much attention to stalkers- I don't have time!  :)


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