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Fringe- JJ abrams and abbadon's new show

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This is trailer 1
This is the trailer 2

I just saw the trailer for this and it looks good.  Lance Reddick must have impressed them as Matthew Abaddon!!  Alex Graves is the director tho and his last two series didn't do well...Journeyman (loved it) and the Nine.  However, The West Wing did very very well...

Crossing my fingers for this one!


That looks really good.  The slow conditioning to accept the global pandemic continues?

Point Place WI:
Joshua Jackson hellz yeah....

This is going to be our "NEW LOST"

Sledge (Ben) will hopefully make a new

No but it looks badd @ss


it is kinda a rip off of Lost... In general the ideas we float around on the forums they are all kind of put in the trailer.  It seems like they were like wow this is what our audience's IQ is so why not create another complex show.  Throw in JJ's name and wallla!  Instant Gold just like Mission Impossible 3 lol. 

Can't come up with the new FOX show but Abadon is in it.
Its a JJ Abrams show.
He still looks boney faced.


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