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Spoiler Tag Issues


Many of you have probably noticed by now that the spoiler tags on the site are not working.  We were finally able to upgrade the forums a couple of weeks ago which resulted in the disappearance of the tons and tons of spam that we were getting.  However that upgrade caused an issue with the spoiler tags that we haven't been able to resolve yet.

When posting in ANY of the "Spoiler-Free" areas please be extra cautious not to post any spoilers that you have read across the web.  These should only be posted in the Spoiler areas for the time being.  I've included a definition of spoilers below.  This definition applies to any forum posts or comments posted by the users of SWLS.

SWLS considers a spoiler to be any information about upcoming episodes, including cast, characters, crew, photographs, and synopses, released by any source (including ABC Medianet). Any and all information about Lost is considered a spoiler until (any of the following):

    * It has been revealed in an episode of Lost that has aired on ABC in the Eastern time zone in the United States.
        (this DOES include previews shown at the end of the episode)
    * It has been revealed in officially authorized spin-off media released to the United States general public, including but not limited to:
          o Books, such as Bad Twin
          o Video games, such as Lost: Via Domus
          o Alternate reality games, such as The Lost Experience and Find 815
          o Mobisodes, such as Lost: Missing Pieces
          o DVD releases
    * The administrators and moderators have determined by consensus that the information has been revealed by the producers of Lost to the mainstream media and is sufficiently widespread across mainstream and non-Lost related Internet media that it can no longer be considered a spoiler.

is this still a problem ?

found another forum with spoiler tag issues and this is the solution, its some complicated javascript

"the other issue was the [url] tag generates an a href tag with quote marks, which closed the string quotes in the javascript and broke it"


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