Author Topic: I think I liked Ji Yeon ...  (Read 2392 times)

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I think I liked Ji Yeon ...
« on: March 18, 2008, 08:03:24 PM »
That's what I just realized, after being inspired to ponder it by reading a couple of write-ups. At first I considered it a mediocre episode (not as bad as The Other Woman though), but now, having come to terms with my unsatisfied desire for more revelations, more Locke and more island mythology, it occurred to me that Ji Yeon kind of ruled, in an unexpected, for Lost, way.

Here are the reasons I liked the episode:
1. There was pure comedy, and for once, it wasn't coming from Hurley or Sawyer... but instead, Daniel (Pregnant? uhm... congratulations!) and Jin (the quest for the panda was hilarious).
2. Sun slapped Juliet, right at the point that Juliet was being more annoying than ever. GO SUN!

3. It gave me the opportunity to passionately argue over "the internets" on whether Jin is dead or not (NOT!)

4. Michael is back, but the real surprise for me was that he didn't look as bad as he did (he was completely repulsive to me, and now he's just normal). what is it? the hair? the cover? the lack of "WAAAAAAAAAAAALT" screaming?

5. I have to admit the episode messed my mind up. Apart from the whole "Jin's flash was BACK" issue, there were three MAJOR moments when my brain was extremely messed up, in the style only Lost writers manage to mess it up:

  a) The guy in the hospital waiting outside the room that Jin talked to. I thought he was hired by Mr.Paik to keep Jin away from Sun and       his baby, or worse (steal the baby?)
  b) When Jin said "I've only been married for two months", before I realized this was all a flash-forward I actually thought that Jin had left Sun after the rescue and remarried!
  c) The door opens... and here's Hurley! For a couple of seconds, I thought - almost in complete horror - that everything's become so messed up that HURLEY ACTUALLY WAS THE BABY'S FATHER. or that Hurley is having an affair with Sun. that kind of thing.

So I thought I'd let you peeps know :b

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Re: I think I liked Ji Yeon ...
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2008, 11:21:57 PM »
thanks...haha. :D

I pretty much agree 100%...haha i was messed during some of it too! And when i saw hurley i had the same reaction as you.   Very good post...