Author Topic: Noise on the freighter?  (Read 14531 times)

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Re: Noise on the freighter?
« Reply #60 on: April 18, 2008, 09:42:45 AM »
I've yet to read the 729 pages of new posts on "Meet Kevin Johnson," so I'm sure someone has mentioned this somewhere, but the noise they heard was Michael throwing the ball, right?

Couldn't have been. Des and Sayid weren't on the boat at that point. Minkowsky was still coherent. I don't think the time line matches.
I'm not saying the 2 scenes were simultaneous, but that he had developed a habit of doing that.

I think you just broke my head. Are you saying that the noise that Sayid and Desmond heard was Michael bouncing the ball on the wall, but that the scenes weren't happening simultaneously?? How exactly does that work?? I know you're pretty good PL, but are you that good??

Well, you see there is a polar bear in Tunisia that had a pacemaker removed @ St. Sebastian's after he robbed a bank where Dave worked before he got married to that cop in Korea..... ;D

Sorry- I'm not doing a very good job explaining myself.  What I mean is that while "Kevin Johnson" wasn't swabbing the deck, cleaning bloody stains off the wall, & sabotaging the engine room, he had developed a nervous habit of sitting in his room & bouncing that ball against the wall while zoning out.  When I said that the noise they heard was Michael throwing the ball, I didn't necessarily mean that they heard him throwing it in the scene where WE saw him throwing it.  He was doing it again later. 

The sad thing is that I think I just officially fell into that "it only happens when we see it" hole, and I assumed the only time Michael ever threw the ball was that scene. Thanks for helping me out there.
So what exactly goes on during the times we don't see people? Did Jack and Tom sit around and discuss LOLcats for the week plus they weren't on the front page? ;)

I assumed it would have been 2 girls 1 cup. Because that is something to talk about, right before you throw up.