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Oh.  My.  God. I'm actually in the top 5!  Now if I get the next hunt right first, with a bonus code AND a super bonus code and nobody in places 1 through 4 get it right, I just might win! lol...

fat chance, right? ;D

but at least I had fun! And I hope you all did as well!

Sweet Old Lady:
I got it right, but no points.  But I GOT IT RIGHT!

Good job!  I had the answer, but it didn't seem as OBVIOUS as some of the other ones, you know?  Like the 'name the woman on the boat' thing if LOST related could have been Naomi or Danielle.  I went for naomi but wasn't really sure.  Like, what the deal with the 'wd' in the upper corner by the dharma logo?  I thought that was going to be the initials for a while, but i couldn't think of anyone.  So I looked around for 'wd' for a while, then just decided poo on it- I'll submit naomi.  Far to late of course!  I found the bonus code right away when I played around with the contrast on photosnap, I just needed an answer to go along with it!  By the way, that image is right on Isabel island, you can see it from googlemaps pretty easily.  Good work guys!  It's good to see all those names on the board!

I was pretty surprised I got the 10 pts. I couldn't find the bonus code, but I figured other people would be submitting pretty quickly. So I thought I had a better chance at getting an extra point by submitting early, than spending more time looking.

I'm glad I did because I needed every point to close the gap on DirtyQ, and now the scores couldn't be much closer. It's pretty funny though because I'm poised to finish in 2nd place yet again this year. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride (er I mean groom).

I'm really looking forward to next week now: The conclusion of the Agent Q story, now the sprint to the Hunt finish line, and then of course the Season Premiere.

Lost ftw!

I found the bonus code by playing with the contrast of the photo, i was thinking all along there'd be a hidden button (there was a hunt last year where you clicked the eye or something and it took you to the next page (of course, the next page then was also the B page, so. . . .))  where was I?

Oh, I darkened the page trying to find something that stood out, and the # of lines between paragraphs "lit up", so I figured thats as close to a bonus code as possible (and it also darkened up the lower right corner).


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