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I'm still stuck. I found a bonus code but my answer doesn't go with what I found that hint #1 refers to. I sent Sledge & Astro a pm telling them where I was stuck. Then a hour later, found something else. So I think I might have the right answer but not confident with it. I'll probably submit tomorrow because it'll drive me crazy until I do. Then the waiting for the solution, ugh.

wow.  i actually think i figured one out.  but no bonus, i have no idea.

man!  why is it that i just stumble my way through these things?  i find something out then get stuck for a loooong time.  man!

I was going to give up when I was completely stumped with the last hunt, but the pull of the hunt is too strong!  :)  I actually think I figured this one out, too, so I guess it's good I didn't give up!  I submitted just now.  Now the agony of waiting!

boy i hope 12 people didn't get right answers yet!  well....y'know...i want you all to do well but i want another hint!  to double check...y'know?  anyhow, if you get a bonus code right but you submit it after 12 people do you still get the point?


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