What do you think?

Loved it, useful information!
Liked it alot, interesting missing piece.
It was OK, nice to see familiar faces.
Disappointed, same old ****!
Hated it, three minutes I'll never get back!

Author Topic: Mobisode #11 - “Jin Has A Temper Tantrum”  (Read 6232 times)

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Re: Mobisode #11 - “Jin Has A Temper Tantrum”
« Reply #15 on: January 21, 2008, 11:16:48 AM »
I loved it, it showed Jin's sad depressed side, he was wearing the handcuff, and Michael seemed to want to console him, maybe this is trying to show Michael as a better person than what we have seen.
Good point here.  All of the mobisodes with Michael he is a much more sympathetic...kinder person that when he left.  I think this might be the writer's way of getting us to warm up to him a bit, remember the good things about him too.

So that we don't hate him for killing Hurley's girlfriend....Oh and MINE, Ana Lucia, I always get stuck with the nut jobs!  HAHA