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Cross Reference of Cast?

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Is there a thread anywhere that cross references the cast and other shows or movies? For example, in "Another 48 Hours" Mikhail and Tom Saywer both have roles.


Lots of them have been on star trek!  Cooper/Seward was Janeway's great aunt's love interest or something, Locke played an evil time destroying dude, Jin came over on a spaceship that was in the past but time moved differently so when he went back it was the future...or something!  Juliet and Locke both appeared in JAG, Locke's name being "Admiral Thomas Boone"!  DJ Qualls, or Johnny from Mr. Clucks, and Hurley were both in "little athens."   

and what about the connections to OZ?  I remember there are some, I think Eko & Michael were on it.

Both Cassidy and Bonnie were on deadwood.  Oh, and Rachel, juliet's sister, as Calamity Jane.  Very good acting!

Terry O'Quinn done  everything look at his IMDB page


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