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Mobisode 10

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Point Place WI:

Ok, I'm biased it was sweet cause Ethan wore the Wisconsin Sweatshirt....props

New link thanks to Paula



I would have loved it, except that we don't know if Ethan was telling the truth or playing a part so it's still not quite useful.  ???  Just interesting.  ::)

I couldn't get the video to work so I just ended up reading the transcript.  Very cool!  I would like to think that Ethan isn't lying about his wife dying in childbirth.  That wife might even be the person we saw on the table in Juliet's flashback!  He seemed very genuine about Claire's wellbeing in the Staff, even though she was drugged up and probably wouldn't have noticed either way.  The deaths link Ethan and Ben together also.  It makes a cool backstory anyhow!

Good points, now I'm thinking I should have given it the top rating instead!

I could not get the video to work either, but I read the transcript. I think he is telling the truth. The Others always give a little bit of truth in their lies.


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