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If you haven't noticed by now, this year's HUNT is a little different than those previous: there's actually some continuity from week to week. Indeed, Astro and I have been working on a story arc that will unfold over the course of this season's HUNT. You are (collectively), playing the role of Agent Q (at least that is the name you've been given by your new employers). We hope that you all are starting to pick up on the storyline, and hope you will explore and appreciate the story in addition to the puzzles and challenges of the weekly HUNT.

Just like LOST, there will be some questions and mysteries you have about the story unfolding in HUNT 3. This place is intended as a notebook for you all to share what you've learned about the story, to speculate on what is going to happen, and take notes on the events and characters you'll meet along the way. IMPORTANT: PLEASE REMEMBER YOU CAN ONLY DISCUSS INFORMATION FROM COMPLETED HUNTS (WITH SOLUTIONS POSTED). IF YOU DISCOVER SOMETHING IN A CURRENT HUNT, YOU CANNOT SHARE IT, WHETHER YOU THINK IT IS RELEVANT TO THE HUNT PUZZLES OR NOT.

To help keep this area organized, we've nominated Versed to oversee this log. The next post below will be a placeholder which Versed can edit to update information spread throughout this topic pertaining to the story. That way, as weeks go on, all the information that you have shared and discussed in the pages that follow can be organized and compiled together in one area.

Please continue to enjoy the HUNT, and now the story that is being told through it as well. Who is this Nikoli guy? Who is Agent Q? What are you being asked to do? How do the puzzle pieces fit into the story? You might already know answers to a few a questions, but there are many questions to come. However, we promise not to make you wait until the Zombie Season of the Hunt to give you the answers. ;)

As we have learned in Hunts 3-1 and 3-2, We, as Agent Q apparently, have been contacted by some guy with a funky mustache named, Nikoli Salet.  This link will take you to Nikoli's flickr page which was found during the first hunt.  In his profile, Nikoli identifies his hometown as Lika, his interests as chess and his favorite book as The Flame.  He tells us that if we are who we say we are and submit the "mainland communication" code we will move forward.  Since that time, he has used the flickr page as well as this site to provide us with vital clues.
Hunt 3-2 begins with a letter from Nikoli saying that he is in need of our services.  He goes on to say that he is working for Penelope Widmore in a project NOT connected to Widmore labs and that the less they know about this project the better.  Ms. Widmore has lost something that is very valuable to her and they need our help to find it.  After this, a map appeared on the flickr site with the caption telling us to search "in Russia."  This map, combined with the information included in the clue on this site led us to the Widmore HUME 17 station.  He tells us that this station is just one of several that picked up and electromagnetic anomaly that is related to the "object or place we are looking for."  He goes on to say that the data was corrupted and stolen before they could pinpoint the exact location of the target. That, he tells us, is why he needs our help. 

Once again, in Hunt 3-3, we find ourselves with a cryptic note from our pal, Nik.  This one seems to be written on the back of a Dharma manual sheet of paper. (See Image Below) He explains to us that while we are part of the team, we are still on a "need to know" basis only.  He tells us that another agent has been searching for the hackers who purged the location of the "anomaly" from their data base.  Unfortunately, this Agent P, seems to have met with an untimely end before he would provide Nik with the coordinates to the Hacker's location.  He did however leave us a clue.  The flickr page has been updated to include a very interesting image of a Technicolor skull with one black and white eye along with the Latin phrase, "Look Below/Beneath"  When the binary code is solved, we were given what seems to be another player in this game, Sheldon Lee Glashow.  According to the link off Mr. Glashow's wiki site, it would seem that Glashow was an influence on the work of other physicists' in their approach to the field of Electroweak Interactions.  Interestingly, Nikoli Slaet's name appears on this list.  Who is Nikoli Slaet anyway? 

Thoughts about the Flickr page:

1.  The US Naval Reserve card has the expiration date of 06 NOV 68.
2.  The word "Croatia" is seen under the paragraph asking for the "mainland communication" code.
3.  Vide Infra Image There appears to be something embedded in the lower right hand corner of the image.  It still remains unidentified as of now.

Objects on Agent Q's Desk: (Courtesy of DizzyQ'ster, SOL and Dirty MaggieQ)

These are Totochtin.  According to Aztec mythology, Centzon Totochtin are the 400 bunny Gods and Godesses of Drunkards.

SOL found this on Dan Visser's site. It's the fifth of five drawings.  To view the whole thing and his explanation go here: Dan Visser

Tycho Brahe's laws of planetary motion.

Tycho Brahe Information

The pyramids are hard to make out, but you can see vague lines of them slanting upwards...

Reversed Hunt 3-3 Image (Courtesy of SQL)

Sheldon Lee Glashow Information

If you have any additional information to add to this list, post it below and I will add it!

I know!  I know!  Agent Q is us (collectively).

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