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Lost Easter Eggs in Half-Life 2


Just found this on the Interweb. Apparently there are some Lost fans on the Half-Life 2 design team...

(I've posted the Digg link just in case the original source crashes)

That's pretty cool stuff

That is pretty sweet.  In Sayid's flashback when he hooks up with those terrorists they are playing half-life.

Sounds to me like a little cross-marketing agreement going on!  These days it's so easy to skip commercials so the products are being placed directly into the shows/games instead.  I'm fine with that as long as the characters don't start turning toward the camera spouting some cheesy ad copy!  Imagine Hurley saying, "Dude, my hemorrhoids were killing me - good thing I found this tube of 'Preparation H' in the fuselage!  Aaaah, relief!"  :D

It was surprising to see it.


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