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Has anyone seen this show on Showtime?  It's crazy good. 

I guess that would be no

Don't feel bad...the same thing happened to me when I posted about Burn Notice! 

It premiers tonight on HBO. 

I love this show!

It was recommended by a friend after series 3 of Lost finished here in the UK and I have seen the first series and the first two episodes of the second series (They haven't been shown in the UK yet, they were leaked on the internet).  I may have to buy the books too as apparently they are quite different to the TV series.

I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing but I only really watch US shows that are shown in the UK (Lost, The Class, Heroes, Family Guy, Greys Anatomy, Prison Break and many more).  The US has a lot of good shows (but then I guess only the good ones make it to the UK, and Pop Idol US) whereas I haven't watched a decent UK TV series since Coupling or Teachers. 


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