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Help, I'm a Newbie!!!
« on: April 10, 2007, 03:55:29 PM »
Sledgeweb gave us a great site to share our love for Lost in a positive atmosphere and it’s a fantastic way to meet new friends and generate new ideas and theories about Lost. I realize that there are always going to be a lot of newbies and they are usually hyper-enthusiastic about the show and just don't know any better about proper posting etiquette or how to work their way around the site. We’ve all been newbies at one point or another, and there’s one thing I know for sure - maneuvering around the site is a learning experience in and of itself (but trust me when I say, it’s half the fun!).

Thus, I thought of starting a "Help, I'm a Newbie" Thread just so the new people can find out how to work their way around the site, and especially around the forum.

For example: what are the posting-level stages?; Q&A; the link for SWLS shorthand/leet/lingo page for people that ask "what's TPTB?" and so on; a spoiler tags 101; bully complaint (but obviously PM a mod if this is a problem, duh!); and this is also the place where the veterans can also offer some friendly advice without being considered harsh/rude/impatient.

Basically, it’s an easy way for all the new people to learn how to navigate around Sledgeweb’s Lost Stuff website. Just click on the blue links!

So welcome to all the new members and I hope that you enjoy the site! Cheers and happy posting! :D

Rules & Regulations
A lot of people have spent countless hours trying to make this site a great environment so please be courteous when sharing your thoughts and opinions.

Rules & Regulations

Spoiler Tags 101
As a general rule of thumb, there shall be no posting of spoiler-ish things in any other section of the site except in the Spoiler Discussion threads called Spoiler Theories and Speculation and General Spoiler Talk. In other words, please try not to post spoilers in the general discussion sections that are deemed spoiler-free.

However, if you would like to post some spoiler information in passing that is pertinent to some Lost conversation, you are always welcome to include it in the discussion as long as you put said info in SPOILER TAGS. This allows you to talk about something that might have spoiler potential without bothering those members who choose to steer clear of spoilers.

 For example:
Hide your secrets in here!

You can even learn from Sledge himself… Spoiler Tags 101

How Many Posts Per Level
It’s basic knowledge that the more you post, the higher your post-count gets. But remember, it’s not a race people, just a tally of our addiction to discussing Lost and other fun stuff on this site. There is also a thread in Community Lounge called The List that usually gets updated with current rankings of active members/posters.

Stage 1 = Background Extra = 30+ Posts
Stage 2 = Red Shirt Lounge = 100+
Stage 3 = Survivor Lounge = 500+
Stage 4 = In The Loop Lounge = 1,000+
Stage 5 = Dharma Workman Lounge = 2,000+
Stage 6 = Dharma Scientists Lounge = 5,000+
Stage 7 = Dharma VIP Lounge = 10,000+

Glossary & Terms
Ever find yourself asking “what is TPTB or IMHO?” or “what in the world are those guys talking about?”… Well here is a thread that’ll help you try to make sense of all the Dharma talk. For further details or more information about Lost-related matters, feel free to explore/roam around the Lost Talk thread in the "General Discussion" section too.

Glossary and Other Fun Terms

JBram’s Guide to SWLS

If you get into the forum, we have an area dedicated to each Season. In those areas, there are threads for each of the episodes (i.e. individual epi-threads). There you will find the bulk of the Speculation.

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3

To get all the latest news and updates as seen on Sledgeweb's Home Page, there's Latest News and the ever-favorite Investigations Page. Everything else is pretty much found on the actual Home Page.

For fun and games, the Community Lounge is the greatest place around!

Go to Lost Talk to find pictures of different Losties, as well as some very interesting Lostian info.

Theories and Speculation are some great places to check out, but be careful! If you like to read, you might get lost in there for quite a while!

The Spoiler sections always have some new information, if you're into that. But shhh! don't tell us what you read in there without putting it in spoiler tags!

Speaking of those... If you don't know how to do Spoiler Tags or other useful things, go to the top of the forum. There's a section called Help, Hints & Other Useful Info. Post a topic in there, and people will scramble to help ya out!

For all the books/movies/music on Lost, go to LOST References

You can even talk about your other favorite films, tv shows, and websites outside of LOST and Sledgeweb in the "Off-Topic Discussion" area - TV&Movies and Websites.

If you ever need anything, just ask. Everyone here is more than willing to help out!

Forum Reply Tutorial
As you start to learn your way thru the maze of threads and the hundreds of posts, it becomes a lot easier to use the functions provided in the forum. Here is a quick lesson on how to reply to, quote, edit, and delete posts, as well as a few shortcuts here and there.

Reply = click on the “reply” button located on the top and bottom right-hand corner of each thread, this will take you to the formal reply box with the other message settings like font, size, color, etc., it also provides a list of the most recent posts under the topic summary which you can quote by clicking on “insert quote”

Quick reply = scroll all the way down to the bottom of the thread, write your comments in the box provided then click “post”

Quick quote = if you see a post you would like to reply to specifically, click on the “quote” button found on the top right-hand corner of the respective post and it’ll direct you to the “quick reply” box, from there type in your comments and click “post”

Edit = if you make a mistake and need to add/remove something to your post, click on the “modify” button at the top right-hand of the post you want to change/edit and it’ll take you to the formal reply box, edit then click “post”

Delete = click on the “delete” option found on the top right-hand of the post you would like to remove

Preview = click on the “preview” button, this allows you to view your post as it would be seen by others in each thread before actually posting and it’ll take you to the formal reply box so you can edit your post using the message settings, then click “post” whenever you are done

Spell Check = click on “spell check”, this function is pretty self-explanatory if you have bad grammar

Jump To = at the bottom of each thread there is a “jump to” scroll bar that allows you to go directly to any other thread or child-board on the forum, this is a great way to go from one discussion to another without having to go back to the main pages or the search function and without the bother of sorting through all those other posts/sections you are not interested in, just scroll down to where you want to go then click on the “go” button

Ask Piglet & Thlay
If you have any questions about trying to find your way around the site or if you are still confused about some of the website amenities and simply navigating your way around the site, just send a personal message to uofapiglet or Thlaylirah, and we’ll try to answer it for you asap. Most of the “How-To Stuff” is already explained above but you can contact us in case you get lost. There's even a Forum Q&A mechanism that Sledge oversees himself. There’s no need to be shy about asking for help because we all need help sometimes, especially when you are new.

Forum Q&A Function

Contacting the Administrators or Moderators
Here we call them The Others, because they are in charge and if you have a question they are the best people to ask. As always, please check to see if a topic has been started or if a question has been asked already. But if there are still some complications, like reporting any spam or member misbehavior, or even if you just have a few random concerns with regards to the site feel free to PM (i.e. send a Personal Message) any of the admins/mods. But please use this privilege with discretion.

Admins: Sledgeweb & AstroJones
Mods: Thlaylirah, Jugdish & Versed4every1

Forum Feedback
Lastly, if you love the site so much, please let us know what you think or if you have any other questions/concerns about how to find your way around the site. We can’t please everyone but we try very hard, and any suggestions for improvement are always welcome. Thanks and enjoy the site!

Forum Feedback

That's pretty much it as far as the basics. Happy Posting to all the new members! And veterans please be nice! :D

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