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Has anyone tried to determine what the sounds Smokie makes are?? in the Pilot epi you hear Rose say " There was something awfully familiar about the noises it was making" ( to paraphrase). I've Figured out only one... The clicking of the calculator from John Locke's office in his flashback. I couldnt figure out anymore...

Sweet Old Lady:
I think one of the sounds is supposed to be a New York taxi cab meter.

sweet ! thanks!... any others??

There was discussion at one poit that it was similar to the sound that am MRI machine makes.

Sweet Old Lady:
I don't know what a MRI sounds like, but if Smokey sounds like a MRI machine, then maybe the sign on the door when Kate visited her mother in the hospital was a clue.  The general consensus at the time was that it was a prop error.  Does anyone here know for sure what an MRI machine sounds like?



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