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Bump for our Ladybug :) missed you sweetie!!!

I ALWAYS think of you when I see anything that is related to ladybugs. (((LB)))

I'm here!  It's summer, I should be working, but since I have the office to myself this morning, I'll mess around on here a bit.  I can't believe how much time I used to spend in this forum! 

No cows on the ship.  No pigs either.  Actually, no pigs at home either.  The daughter loves her moo moos too much, she gave up on the oink oinks. 

My oldest decided not to be in Ag until her Sr. year.  She loved it and was upset with me for not making her take it.  "I could have done this another 3 years".  So since she graduated she is making her sister take it as she enters High School next fall.   We have become quite the swine experts.  They are so much smarter than sheep and SO much cheaper than cows.

I've bought into the fact that at least with cows she can show them more than one season & since (so far) we've just had heifers they are "money makers."  We never had any luck breeding pigs, so it became expensive bacon.  Very good expensive bacon!  Most of the people around her have hogs, my inlaws breed show pigs & have had great luck with them.   

She just had her first 2 babies, both heifer calves (Charlie & Nori).  I keep trying to get her to have Lost names.  Since we have a Smokey, a Charlotte & a Charlie, I guess I'll take it!

She is so die hard FFA now it's crazy.  Besides showing, now she's really getting into judging (my husband went to college on a judging scholarship, so it's right up his alley).  It's all a foreign language to me!  Just tell me where to be, when to be there & I'll make sure her clothes are clean & pressed & there are snacks!


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