Author Topic: Sawyer/Leader/PowerStruggle  (Read 6006 times)

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Re: Sawyer/Leader/PowerStruggle
« Reply #15 on: April 05, 2007, 01:51:03 PM »
Sawyer and Jack will become closer IMO. One of Sawyer's best lines was to Jack after Ana Lucia got shot- "Because you're about the only friend I got, Doc".  I thought it was poignant and foretelling.  I'd like to see more of that side of Sawyer, but am not really happy with the way they portrayed him last night with Hurley, it was too forced.

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Re: Sawyer/Leader/PowerStruggle
« Reply #16 on: April 05, 2007, 01:54:45 PM »
I think Sawyer will be a leader of another kind, even with Jack back

Jack's brought one of the others and is going to ask the losties to accept her... his credibility will be questioned... and Jack never wanting to be a leader will instead revert to his pouty, snappy my way or the highway routine...

I hope that Sawyer can bring a little humanity back into the equation... more so than Jack ever did...
i think you're right mindsparkle.  at first i thought sawyer would hand over his new responsibility to jack, gladly, but i think there is going to be a LOT of resentment for jack bringing juliet.  i think it will be sawyer/sayid as the leader.  which will be interesting because we haven't had much interaction between these two.  and kate will falter back and forth between the two groups.  she doesn't trust juliet, but she DOES trust sawyer and jack, so she won't be able to make up her mind.  (what's new?)

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Re: Sawyer/Leader/PowerStruggle
« Reply #17 on: April 11, 2007, 02:17:31 PM »
I think there will be a power struggle, but not between Jack and Sawyer.  Sayid and Jack are going to go at it over Jack bringing Juliet to camp.  Sayid will rightfully question wtf Jack is doing.

Right now, Saywer's much more to be trusted than Jack, in my opinion. Of course he was a con man, but the island's changing him. Jack has been very secretive about everything and I seriously doubt he's going to give that info away. Plus, he's taking Juliette with him to the losties camp - a grave danger imo.

I think the only good leader the losties could have is Sayid. He knows when people lie, he's decent, he's powerful.
I also don't think Sawyer would be interested in becoming the leader. Sure he is obsessed with money, but I've never seen him obsessed with power. Jack, after season 1 certainly wants to be a leader. Bleh.

These are both excellent points... either way there's obviously going to be some sort of power struggle between the Losties. It's always hard to figure out who to trust, or what true intentions each of our characters have... and even when an idea starts out being a good one it could always end up somehow bad on the island.

Sawyer likes the attention that his new role as leader provides, but his feelings towards Kate can affect his judgment especially now that Jack and Kate are both back on the beach.

Sayid will have issues with Juliet and the fact that Jack so willingly allowed it to happen. His interrogation of Julliet could be key in the following episodes.

Jack, well, he's just lost. Having stayed with the Others, his perspectives may have changed and the same goes for how the rest of the Losties may feel towards him. He will be Juliet's only ally and this will cause conflict of course.

Kate & Juliet are both vying for alpha-female status. Cat fight anyone?

And Locke seems bewildered by the whole experience of having seen his dad and what the Others have to offer... but he's probably just looking for something else to blow up to pieces.

Anyway, there are several possible scenarios as far as who will become the new leader or what will happen to the hierarchy of power among out Losties, but all I know is that the writers are setting up a great storyline for the last few episodes of this season.