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Yes, more
« on: April 04, 2007, 03:13:22 AM »
Locke begins early on to identify allies.  What impact did he foresee the hatch having on the survivors?  Did/does Locke have some idea of the island's capabilities?

The story that Locke tells of the statue of David is true.  Three years to complete and a lot of staring at marble.  Michealangelo almost lost his sponsorship at times because he was so slow in his work.

Anyone note the similarities of Brian's (shannon's aussie lover) tatoos to the asian letter's on Jack's left shoulder?

Rousseau's map shows a regularly spaced series of pedunculated vallies/groves with a central connection....a villous system of arrangement almost as if the island is a living organism.

Locke was a Webalo despite spending most of his time in foster care.  When the compass was malfunctioning or the magnetic polarity of the island is not true north/south, Locke gives it away stating "i don't need it anymore."  How could he not need it unless the island was even then giving him direction.

The monsta sounds metallic, not organic.  If you've ever heard the sound of a very heavy metal sheet being slid....similar.  Rose appeared to recognize the sound in the opener.  What did Rose do (I've asked this elsewhere) for a living? 

Did Locke's concoction allow Boone to experience a different reality?  Is this the effect of the island....the creation of a physical reality based upon our subconscious?  Is this the communion that Locke has found?

Boone states, "It wasn't real" afterwhich Locke replies "It was only as real as you make it" and "Time to let go."  If Boone achieved this communion, what were his failings giving rise to his fate?

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Re: Yes, more
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2007, 02:33:25 PM »
I remember some of the speculations on why the noise sounded familiar to Rose.  It could have reminded her of an MRI, the subway, or the Bronx Zoo.