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Welcome Home Cayley!!!!

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I wanted to let Cayley know how special she is to us!!! She left for a wonderful cruise vacation with her family last Saturday and today is the day she gets to come back home! I'm sure for her that sucks. But for me it is absolutely GREAT NEWS!! And it would be even GREATER NEWS if for some reason her flight was delayed here in Cinci this afternoon!!!!!!!  ;D ;D ;D

Cayley, I hope you can log in later tonight and let us know you're fine.
Love you girl!!!!!!!

Coming home from vacations suck. :(  But we are glad you're back Cayley. ;D

I can't wait to see all the pictures and hear all the stories.


I've been wondering where you have been.  welcome home!

Well it looks like her flight was 16minutes behind schedule leaving orlando...hope Cam wasn't high on sugars LOL

Hurry to Ohio Cayley!!!  :-*


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