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Who is writing these previews? That was the most boring episode probably of the entire show.

Next week looks good though.

I loved this episode-it made me laugh. It didn't really accomplish much though.  Next week looks really good, and I am already excited for it.

I think it was a change taht the show needed. Finally the losties are talking to each other and sharing info. The humor in this show had me going the whole show. Different story lines going on at the same time which is different for this show.

ok, it was the funniest episode so far but also the most boring.

really though, an entire show about starting up a mini bus is not gonna cut it.

i think it accomplished as much as last weeks.

1.  losties are all together
2.  we know there was more than just kelvin & razinskey in the hatch
3.  kate told danielle about alex (it's about time she figure out her daughter is next door)
4.  classic sawyer
5.  hurley rocks


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