Author Topic: Tribute to Lostgirl (Debs)  (Read 2850 times)

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Tribute to Lostgirl (Debs)
« on: March 21, 2016, 10:36:02 PM »
I always loved Debbie aka Lostgirl. She was always so kind to everyone, was good-natured, and frequently brought a smile to my face! She will be missed.


smack!  :-*

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Re: Tribute to Lostgirl (Debs)
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2016, 10:45:21 PM »
She was a true friend to me. Shows just how people who never met can become fast friends... Debbie was a special person, full of love in her heart. An old and wise soul. I am proud to be able to call her my friend. She was more than that even... She was family! Family who lived across the planet, but family non the less.... Caise family isn't just blood, family is about who is there for you, for good and bad, and never lets you down. Debbie was like that for me. We talked often. Laughed. Shared our lives and feelings. I know everyone here feels like they know Nikki and Bobbi; we've seen Bobbi grow up from her first day in school, till she graduated high school.... They are and always will be a part of my life.
I miss her terribly already....

Rest in peace my dead Bedds, be the happy hippie you once were and one day we'll smoke some weed together ;)

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Re: Tribute to Lostgirl (Debs)
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2016, 08:19:00 PM »
Dearest Dearest Debs our Greek hippie our beloved Debs girl and my beloved butterfly, you may have left us here on earth but  you are with us.You have brought our beloved LOST family back together  with your passing.You were are family to me as are all the other members of our LOST Group.Some of us have met some of may never meet  face to face but love, sharing, laughing, caring with each other is family with love.And because of you we are that. You were my butterfly. Not going to explain the whole story on here as there was some privacy involved. But you belonged to a spiritual program and I belonged to one very very similar but slightly different.I loved all of our chats about Spirituality,  loving  God, doing good, treating people the way we would like to be treated.We both grew so much<3 And we ALWAYS kept laughter in our chats too. You my dear precious butterfly can now pollinate flower  to flower up in heaven like you did so lovingly down here on earth. WE LOVE YOU GREEK HIPPIE, DEBS, BUTTERFLY :'(


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Re: Tribute to Lostgirl (Debs)
« Reply #3 on: March 23, 2016, 05:51:08 AM »
Dear Deb
Well what can I say, we were a bunch of people from all over the globe who connected due to our love of Lost. I never thought i would care so deeply for people i have never met in person but I do.I love all my lost family and to lose one of our dearest furlies is heartbreaking. I have thought of you every day since you passed and the world will be a sadder place without you. Love you beautiful hippy see you on the other side sister 💗 xxx