Author Topic: The Others kidnapped Juliet to solve their fertility problem  (Read 4678 times)

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Re: The Others kidnapped Juliet to solve their fertility problem
« Reply #30 on: February 09, 2007, 02:19:19 PM »
Just how do you impregnate a male anything?
Does a male have a womb?

Maybe they lied to Jules about the womb to get her interested
Maybe in fact it was an older woman's womb but told her that to get her attention for research.

Maybe it was  Ben's aging womb! (ok J/K on that one)

Fertilization does not occur in the uterus, it occurs in the fallopian tubes.  In addition to that, an embryo does not have to be in a uterus to begin to mature - as in an ectopic pregnancy that attaches to the inside of a fallopian tube or elsewhere.  The problem would be a place for the embryo to grow without causing damage to other organs. 

That is what the uterus does. 

I think that the CT films were real in that they needed Juliet to come to the island, knew her experimental treatment worked, enticed her by showing her a project, telling her she would have unlimited money and opportunity for her research on it.  Then, of course, offed her *&($#@ ex husband in a method which would serve to let her know they have that kind of ability. 

I think the most telling this about this episode was the frumpy, co-dependant, hiding from her ex, Juliet telling Dr. Alpert, "I am not a leader.  I am a wreck."  and contrasting that 3 years later to the Juliet she is now - one tough, Pickett shooting, in control lady.