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The Maniacal Alphabet Game

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This thread came about as a joke in the thread-killer thread and Thlay said it would be ok if I stole the idea and actually started a seperate thread for it here in the community lounge...

By no means is this thread meant to be a place to PW, but instead, it's another fun way to carry on coversation about all things LOST and catching up with friends here at SWLS, while being clever and starting out your post with a corresponding letter from the alphabet (in alphabetical order of course)...

For example:

Ana-Lucia is one dead chica...
Bernard is the old fart married to Rose...
Cool beans for letting me start this Thlay! (Just kidding, I know you hate that and for the record I do not say "cool beans") :D

...and so on...

The general rules are: 1) no one-letter or one-word posts allowed, 2) basic community lounge rules apply, 3) please refrain from super naughty stuff or derogatory, offensive statements, 4) one letter per post please to avoid or to cut-down on duplicates and editing after the warning sign, and 5) no getting butt-hurt or whining over a dumb, biting, or joking comment because this thread is meant for fun, as a clever way of expressing thought using the ALPHABET at the beginning of each post.

6) I'll let posts with difficult letters like X, Q and Z slide as part of a word or a mundane post. You can either start inventing new words and call it the SWLS Lexicon of arbitrary ubiquitous language relating to LOST... Or, you could just whip out a dictionary...

For example:excuse me, Quesidillas are yummy, Zoinks!

It's pretty self-explanatory so please enjoy the new thread and don't go too crazy! And let's all hope that everyone remembers their ABCs...

Love, Piglet :D

***New Rule: As a fun joke, not meant for embarrassment, any poster that makes the unfortunate mistake of skipping a letter of the alphapet gets added to the Oops! List... Another person has to call them out on it and then PM me (uofapiglet) the name of who did it so I can update the list on a regular basis... I'll continue this until we have a long, funny list of people who forgot their abc's... Same goes for people who double-post on the same letter... Remember, no whining - it's just a game and it's all in good fun...  Hahahahaha...

The Oops! I-skipped-a-letter-of-the-alphabet List:

Piglet - 3 (meaning I've done it three times!)
Thlay - 1
Joy (aka Alwayslost) - 3
snowyjoe - 3
OtterBob/JungleOtter - 2
Stretch/Chef - 1
Debbie (aka Lostgirl (PLA'S PLA))- 1
KateReallyLovesJack - 1
lostfromthestart - 1
Juggy - 4?
BlackrockBob - 1
Ladybug - 2
Princess Leia - 1
Gordy - 2
Jules - 1

And we are off and running!

Bernard is my least favorite character

Come on hes not that bad....Ok maybe he is that bad.


--- Quote from: MaxsDad on January 25, 2007, 04:03:34 PM ---Come on hes not that bad....Ok maybe he is that bad.

--- End quote ---

Damn right he's that bad.  A whole epi wasted on him making SOS outta rock.  sheesh


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