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What Makes You Happy?

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San Diego Johnny:
Borrowed from another forum, this is thread is the anti-rant. What makes you happy?  Is it your family, your friends, did you just have some good news?  I'll start.

The promise of the New Year and all the adventures that await. 

--- Quote ---NOTICE: I am asking that folks read the first posts of this thread and respect the intent of it.  If you want to have cyber-sex here or post your celebrity-focused sexual fantasies, please do it elsewhere.  If any "adults" need a barometer, pretend your children are reading this thread, because chances are that somebody's kid is.  Thanks
--- End quote ---

Jungle otter:
I agree with the new year - start a new page and hope to make it better with less regrets  :)

Spending time with my nephews is always a joy. The older one just wants to learn and the younger one laughs every time he sees me.  :)

My two kids and Mrs. Juggy make me extremely happy. Packers winning makes me happy.

Kate makes me happy to  ;D

Im with Juggy on this, My son (when he is good) and my wife make me Happy, and all my pets! :)

taking naps with my daughter.  i hope she never outgrows snuggling with her mom. 

when our basketball team (that my hubby coaches) wins!  (which we did last night.....barely!)

a clean house.  (but i hate cleaning it)


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