So, how is Desmond able to know about all this stuff thats happening?

He is psychic
15 (45.5%)
He traveled into the future when the hatch exploded
7 (21.2%)
He saw it in a dream that the island gave him
9 (27.3%)
He was observant and realized, "Hey its gonna rain and there could be lightning!"
1 (3%)
None of the above (post your theory below)
1 (3%)

Total Members Voted: 29

Author Topic: What is desmonds real ability?  (Read 5405 times)

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Re: What is desmonds real ability?
« Reply #15 on: October 30, 2006, 02:50:11 AM »
Wow I didn't even put Desmond's mention of her fixing her place together with the lightning... I feel very slow, good point though! This is really interesting, I voted the island gave him a dream because it fits with Locke for now... but I would prefer to think he's just psychic... doesn't seem to be new, if it was me I'd find somebody to confide in, like Hurley, not say 'It's an experiment..." so smoothly...