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american express info

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i don't have an amex card, and have been searching all over for info from the amex-lost and found commercial.   has anybody done this and found any relevant info?

I just did it and it was clips from the episode... not really anything that wasn't in the trailers... pretty lame actually!

shows the other's perspective = them watching the plane break apart
Kate and Sawyer = he offers her his fish food
Sawyer = he works the bear test and gets food
Jack = asks about his ex-wife being happy and Juliet tells him she is very happy
Jack = insisting that they open the door and of course all the water rushing in

and that's it.

so how is that top secret information and clues etc. if its stuff we already saw/know?!
bummer   thanks for checking tho!

I guess if we had looked at it before the episode aired it would have been spoilerish, but now after the fact it's nothing. 

Note:  I just moved it over here, because it looks like they're going to update this site every week and make it a regular site feature...

mindsparkle, thanks for checking that.  Since you have AmEx, could you check before next episode and let us know if you find anything of interest?  If you do, please post it in the spoilers forum... thank you...


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