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Did anyone watch the premier of the new series "The six dgrees" Thursday night?
And if so ..what did you think?

I think I kinda liked it, wasn't what I expected (not sure what I expected though)

I will give it a few more epeisodes and lets see
After all it is by JJ right?

I thought it wasn't on yet. Darnit. I wanna watch it. These Lost DVDs are messin me all up on watching TV... :'(

Check for reruns, It seems they are re playing new season premiers on the weekends ;)

Geronimo Jackson:
too much of a lost rip off

Well...I think we will compare every show to LOST from now on and we will say everything is a LOST rip off, but I'm gonna give it a few more episodes to see whats up.  Personally did not think it had any connection to LOST ummmm except for the six degrees theory LOL :P
But it may be intersting to watch anyway...we shall see... sigh..  :(


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