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Since JJ will be the producer of the new Star Trek movie, I thought I'd start a thread.

I wonder what JJ will bring to Trek?
I have a thread in another forum about how Star Trek influenced Lost, now I'm sure Lost will influence Trek in some small way.

Jungle otter:
Heard about this movie - supposed to be the first meeting between Kirk and Spock. It would be interesting if elements of LOST are thrown into the movie, however it would have to remain somewhat consistant with what we know of the Trek universe.

Geronimo Jackson:
this idea has been floated around even while gene rodddenbery was stilllalive it never really cut it with fans, tried to do some pre first enterprisevwith zeb cochran in first contact,then tptb ruined entire franchisecwith enterprise, should put idea back on shelf and let it collect more dust again.

OK, so let's hear it... rate in order your favorite Star Trek series among

Next Gen
Deep Space

Jungle otter:
Voyager/Next Gen
Deep Space
Enterprise (wasn't a bad idea, however the ship seemed too "neat" should have been a little more "rustic" compared to the future generations.....)


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