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this thread is designed to be a place to be off topic and chat about anything
use it as you see fit

PS  this is not ment as a Joke but as a place to come and just  BS , laugh , flirt , giggle snort,  ect

go nutty  folks 

and no i dont think that we need another thread in this area area pf the site ( all 7 pages of it ) but this topic was not  represented   in any other thread ( well that is not quite true  we do have the Postwh0re thread but that seems to have died out )

May I be the first to say "giggle, snort".........

there you go  Bob that is the spirit

maybe this will clear some of this " you should not post like that here"  stuff i have been reading

officially listed

Do Canadians have a sense of humoUr and if so, where do they hide it? :)


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