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LOST: The Other Side
« on: July 27, 2006, 01:00:37 AM »
I don't know if many of you have heard of this yet, but it's getting pretty big in the Lost Community so far lol.  A friend of mine at got some of his friends to make a Lost fanfilm, and boy did they :lol:.
You guys should check it out, I think you'd like it.  I think it's brilliant :lol: (Then again, I did help with the CGI for it ;))

I think there are 2 eps so far, but more are coming over the summer

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Re: LOST: The Other Side
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2006, 10:35:05 PM »
Heh, thanks for sharing Hobbes, I watched the first two... it was cute, but I was wondering to myself... is this going to be more humorous parody, or more "straight" fan fiction?  Couldn't really tell with just those episodes, but hey, it's got potential, and we're all bored, right?  Plus, gotta love those great CGI effects of the plane crash... LOL


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Re: LOST: The Other Side
« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2006, 12:50:09 PM »
I have this as a favorite and keep going to it.

It is very funny, but I wished they'd have released more episodes.

I'd suggest that everyone check it out.

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Re: LOST: The Other Side
« Reply #3 on: August 28, 2006, 02:25:13 PM »
I did,wasfunandfunny and a nice change good creative fun going on.