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Madam P:
Hmmmm...  Not so sure I'd want to get on a plane with any of the Losties, even him.  Just wouldn't be prudent, maybe.   :D

ummm--if the plane crashed you would be with him on the island and have him all for yourself! lol

Lostlady that is the positive side of being on a plane with him!  I would take my chances no matter what!
--- Quote from: LostinLock on May 22, 2010, 06:57:11 AM ---
"Well, hello.  My name is Josh, and I'll be your flight attendant  for today."

So when he asks coffe, tea or me hmmmm  :o ;)

--- End quote ---

Sooooooo neglected, this thread. I am ashamed of myself. :(


--- Quote from: KoKoNut on May 11, 2010, 12:33:30 PM ---"Well, hello.  My name is Josh, and I'll be your real estate agent for today."

Then next sound you hear is the thud when I fall over.

--- End quote ---

And now I am very happy!!!!!!!  I can post Josh again!


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