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Hunt 2-2 begins tonight at 9pm EST. You can use this area to discuss THE HUNT, but you cannot help one another or post any information that you've come across in THE HUNT until this particular HUNT is complete. Once THE HUNT is over, you can share your answers and discuss how you arrived at your conclusions, where you went wrong, etc. (BTW guys, you all can start new topics in this area - or at least you should be able to - so you don't have to wait for me to create a new HUNT topic).

I guess that last part was probably directed towards me.

Well, just something I've noticed in general here... people seem willing/eager to participate in disucssion in existing topics, but a bit hesitant to create topics of their own.

Anywho, I made an addition to the standings information, I've added a third column for SERIES TOTALS (includes points from the first season of The Hunt). This is just for fun, and bragging rights: http://lost.cubit.net/th2_1.php

Hunt 2-2 is up. Good luck!

woo hoo, i just submitted my answer, and i'm pretty sure i'm right. i actually got points last week (2), which was a first for me... last year i was always a few days late messing with the HUNTS.


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