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This walk-through comes courtesy of polar from lostfanforums, and LIA from 481516234 forums, who were kind enough to let me pass on the information to SWLS to help more fans.  All credit for the writing and screencapped images goes to them.  Thanks for all your help!

Note, for those new to the official webmaze "The Lost Experience", oceanic-air IS official in that it is sponsored by ABC, but it is NOT an official part of the Hanso-centered TLE alternate reality game (ARG) .  The information found on it has all been from last year, and no new updates have been made to the site since last summer.  Most of the "clues" are likely meant only for Season 1.

This topic has been created for all new ppl who have never seen the site:

Upon entering the site, we are taken to the main page.

On the main page, we see a frame with a notice from Oceanic-Air:
We regret to announce that Oceanic Airlines has ceased all operations effective immediately.

Michael Orteig, President of Oceanic Airlines, released this statement: "After 25 years of service, we are forced to close our doors. Due to financial difficulties in the wake of the Flight 815 tragedy, we are no longer able to sustain service..."

Let us begin our "quest" for Easter Eggs by moving the mouse to the right side of the frame containing the apology message. A grey line appears. Click and hold to drag it around. We now see a crumpled page of the supposed "Pink Script" from Exodus II (season finale)

The main entty that catches your eye here is of course "J.J. Abram's" text <<No! No!! No!! No!! Mapinguari!!! Not Yet!!>>

What's a Mapinguari? It is a legendary primorial creature resembling a giant sloth rumored to exist in South America.  Likely a running inside joke, and not the true identity of the Monster.

Note that the Exodus Pink Script is no longer available since the July 23rd update.

Moving on. Let us refresh the page and get the Script out of the way.
A new development-- by clicking and dragging towards the bottom of the apology frame, you can scroll up and down.
Notice that next to the apology letter frame (rather "behind" it) certain letters appear to protrude. If you triple click on them, copy/paste to notepad you will see some of the bottle messages the castaways sent aboard the raft in Exodus I. (note that if you let your mose hover over the apology letter for a moment, another message will appear on top of it) -- viewing the page sourse is another method
Robert D. West of Santa Barbara, California, USA
I survived a horrific plane crash and am stranded on an island somewhere Northeast of Australia and Southwest of Hawaii. In the event that I am never found, please forward word of my fate to my parents. Mr. and Mrs. John West of Tuscon, Arizona
Thank You - Robert

If anyone should find this message, please get word to Sandra Rafflethorpe of Palm Avenue in Lewiston, Idaho that her sister, Sally is alive and stranded on an island somewhere in the South Pacific. Please send help soon. Things are bad. And they're getting worse...

If you are reading this note (duhh, you friggin' idiot) PLEASE get word to my wife, Christina Smith that her huband, Jake survived the crash of Oceanic Flight #815 along with 47 others. Darling I miss you so much and dream of the day I can see your face again. The very thought of that day is all that keeps me going here. Please don't forget me!
- Jake Smith

This is Bob Jones, of Tulsa Oklahoma and I would like to inform the First National Bank of Enid that I will be late making my September morgage payment as I am STRANDED ON A FRIGGIN' ISLAND IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! Please have the Government send a search team immediately or dont all the taxes I pay cover expenses like that?
- BJ
(kinda like Lesley Arzt, isn't he?)

Next. Look at the banner at the top of the page "Taking you to places you've never imagined". To the right, there are three trees on the island. Two stand normally, but the third appears to be FLOATING (or flying)... Is this the doing of the "security system"?, the "Monster"?, "Smokey"

Note that the Banner has been replaced by a similar one since the July 23rd update

Black smoke and the raft were added. And now that I look carefully, I notice footprints on the beach in both banners (scroll to the bottom for more details on the banner)

Also, to the left of the main page, you can see special flight prices and an Oceanic advirtisment for the "Australian Walkabout" John Locke "went" on.

This has been replaced by a new advertisment- "visit ancient Australia".. Hmmm.. Time travel?

Most of the pages give a 404 (URL not found) Error.

However if you click on "Island Insider" on the Site bar, the inflight magazine will open. Click on the text Oceanic Airlines In-Flight Exclusive
The website will ask you a question (which you may attempt many times)..
After you answer it correctly, the page will ask for your email, and tell you that they will send a special email imforming you of Lost updates
The first email was sent to all subscribers on July 23rd

Now, this section appears to have dissapeared from the site. But when the site just started, you could access an Oceanic Postcard.

Go back to the main page, we will now view the 815 seating chart (there are multiple ways to do this)
Click track flight in the Site Menu. Type "815" in flight number

The following Tracker opens

 The plane that crashed has an acutal arrival time. 20 Minutes late. The plane is also has only 3 seats in the central aisle, wheras in LOST we clearly see 4.
Also see the order of numbers in the 815 row- 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

Note that there are a few changes in the tracker as well since the 23rd
(Scroll down for details)

Moving on,
The status of flight 815 is on "Alert". Click on the "815" record.

A (Flash animated) Seating chart will now open.

It takes time, but by clicking all over the place, certain seat of certain special castaways light up. When you click on them, Many different things happen. Try it..

Here are some images and details: (note that the flight here is called flight #777)

23A / 23C
Oceanic flight 777 changes to 815 and (an inactive website)

The bottle pops around the screen
The vodka bottle labled Dojd (Russian for rain)
[when viewed in "Pilot I" we cn see it also says "Vse Unichtojit" = "Everything Destroy"]
We can also see the blur of Jacks face in the neck of the bottle at some moments.

When you click on Jack's seat, it changes from:


23 D

A ring floats down the animation and we hear Roses voice saying
"Started having me hold on to his wedding ring whenever we took a plane trip"
(he speaks of her husband, who I'm guessing is very wise and still, very much alive [along with Ana-Lucia and company])

8 F
We see Sayid's passport:

And a fan-created translation:

(Weird that it is Iranian, but has an Iraqi stamp on it.. this may be a mistake by the writers)
We see Danielles illustration of the island (near the lagoon area); ie: North-west side

"Rafiot" is where her boat crashed.
I have interpreted ALL of her equations and I will post them sometime (theyre all on paper).. we also see the "La Mer" lyrics (used in Finding Nemo, 2002)

8 E

A (flashing) hand drawing of Boone (the dead do0d, but u already knew that, didn't you?)
The drawing fades into blue and then disappears
Ok, now get this, for some reason; Boones "picture" seems to zoom out of Jack's seat- Here's an accidental screen cap of mine--

John (Locke)
24 D
This one scared the living crap out of me.
We first see some pictures of survival guides, knives, etc.

Then out of nowhere comes a black & white pic of a p^ssed off Locke, and a horrible screeching sound. Like that of a subway train de-railing... wait.. where have we heard "train" before? 
That thing had me jumping off my chair trying to find the corner of my igloo.

29 C

We see Claire's diary, and a picture of her ex-boyfried is scratched out..

Then we see a [swinging] backstage, all access Driveshaft Pass.

Mars (Edward)-- The marshall with Kate
27 G
We see an American Marshall's office ID.

This picture also alternates with a red hued picture of him sleeping (Well, dying whatever)

27 H
Ok, why is her name Kate Ryan here? Isn't she Kate Austin? She was married, she reveals this when she plays "I Never" - Sawyers Drinking Game
The picture of the airplane on the seating chart changes to Kates (highschool sweetheart's) toy Plane. The one he recieved when flying from Dallas alone.

We then see a faxed copy of (the second page of) her mugshot
.. not so hot now, eh?

Last, but most certainly not least;
if you click (and make sure that you click), on the Row number
Hurley's Lucky/Unlucky lotta numbers, in order
(4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42)
You will see the trailer for Lost: Season 2.
Then you'll be taken to the "Hidden" Oceanic section of the ABC Message boards [made in MySQL powered by]

The msg the trailer gives us?
"But on the other side of the island; they will discover that they're not the survivors they thought they were"

End of July Update:

The oceanic site has quite a bit of new easter eggs.
On the main page, the Banner has been changed slightly, it is now also animated
Also the Australian walkabout advertisment has changed to visit ancient Australia (as I mentioned earlier)

Let's Continue,
Open the tracker page, track flight 815.. the table has changed

Give us THE BOY? Hmmmmm.. lets go back to the home page.
Type "THE" in <From City>
and "BOY" in <To City>
Click "find"

The black smoke in the banner on the top of the page starts moving! (flash animation)
You will also see one of three images in the apology letter frame (to the right)

One of Michael's drawings for Walt that he mailed, we see a sketch of New York and the Statue of Liberty. We also see another sketch of the Man in the Hospital that Michael made for Walt on his second birthday.
In between is a funny looking (ruler?) with Holes in it, and evidently another sketch under it.
If you look carefully you will see an insription next to the hospital drawing.. what does it say?
????? 2003

We see a New York Ferry in the first sketch.
Just below it is a letter from Michael to Walt

Hey Walt,
How are you doing?
I am working on my recovery and
doing a lot of
Hope you like this
Miss You, hope you
are doing well.
Love, DAD

The address is to

Now look below the letter.. another sketch:

Claires Oceanic Mail order ticket. Funny how some things seem to be missing, eh?

Next, go to the seating chart (you can go directly by refreshing the home page and clicking "find" since the "travellers" are now in order of Hurley's Numbers)

Theres a new button, "Preboard check-in" just under the seating chart. Click on it.
You will see "Ethan Rom" written. Re-arrange the letters to get Other-man (click and drag into the boxes)
You will see a short clip of Walt's abduction(!) Funny how this month's update seems to be Walt/Michael focused, huh?


On the seating page, you can access Ana Lucia's seat by clicking the little flashing "f" next to the

"Economy Class
(if you look you'll see the flashing F)

Click on it, and voila!!  Ana Lucia's seat pops up in 42F... click on it... and you'll see what sounds like a rollercoaster ride, and the tail section breaking off... then you'll get a little clip of Ana Lucia and Jack talking in the bar in the season 1 finale...

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