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ok so who watches the funniest show on TV right now??

i watch both the UK version and the US version

I think both are utterly hysterical, although at first i found the UK's version much better, they are both equally as good now

i hope i'm not alone on this one

wow, no office fans here?!   i too was a fan of the uk version and pretty much refused to watch the us version after nbc destroyed 'coupling'.   i finally gave it a try and became a fan about half way thru this season.  now i try to watch every week and i keep telling some of the practical jokers i know that they could learn a few things.

I missed the UK version until the hype storm swept it into 'Godlike' comedy. once i finally got round to seeing it though i was impressed - its a shame extras was a pile of crap though makes me think the office was a fluke.

Watched some of the US but found the characters less likable (except for Steve Carrell who I found more likable - though that was mostly because of Anchorman - I LOVE LAMP!!!) which to me defeated the point.

The Office, Gilmore Girls, and Lost are the only 3 shows I watch on a regular basis...

Has anyone seen the InFANity episode about the Office (U.S. version), presented by TV Guide I believe.

I totallly love the office, though so far I've only seen the US version (I've heard the UK one is even funnier, well debatably so :))... what a great cliffhanger.  Unfortunately they don't have more new episodes.  I LOVE Steve Carell from the Daily Show, and he's perfectly cast.


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