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Is the ABC podcast done by people who know whats gonna happen in LOST?

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Because they just said that Mr.Friendly was Kelvin but im not sure i believe it myself

anders:  Are you refering to the official lost podcast:


If they have, wow, that would be a surprise to me too.... I hadn't listened to the last one.

Yep, and iv jus re-listened to it and they definately say that kelvin is mr.happy

anders:  I just listened to it... listen to it again.  I think what they are saying is just that if they had named Kelvin *like* they named Mr. Friendly, that people would have figured it out from the TV guide that he was Joe Inman.  They were just using his naming as an analogy, not that the two were the same characters.  I could see why it might be confusing, though. 

Good podcast to listen to, though... I think Kate is also discussing it in Spoilers.  Thanks for getting it to me to listen to it.

Geronimo Jackson:
Kate posted it in spolier as I did  we both had same but different information,somo ne posted abrief summary on main page, may have to merge them


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