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Sweet Old Lady:
Hi, Juggy!  I only just figured out, quite by accident, that it's still active.  I recommended it to a person who just discovered Lost.  I think she might enjoy reading our old posts. 

I think they will. I didn't discover Xena Warrior Princess until long after the show was done, and liked that there was a site still to go to to read about it.

Just popped my head in to say hi. Doing a rewatch and introducing my kids to LOST now they are old enough. Its so funny watching Millie ask question after question! Got up to season 2 episode 6. Forgot how much I loathed Anna Lucia

I agree with the Anna Lucia comment. I was just waiting for Micheal to kill her! I just finished season 2 rewatch this week. Almost forget how good that season was. I got a family friend to start watching it and he is binging. He keeps texting me questions- so hard to answer without giving to much away.

Hello and Good-bye!


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