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well i'm about to get my uniform on and play marine once again, it s a gorgeous day here already, 65 no humidity at 845 in the morning!!!

i'll be away all day so happy posting to all

oh yeah its also opening day for our Wiffle Ball league, i cant wait!!!!

I have a 4 day weekend, which is wonderful since i haven't had a day off (other than saturday and sunday) since march (spring break).  i get to relax, do some yardwork, gardening, i'm going to be outside as much as possible (beautiful weather!!).  we are going to get the pool set up and probably have a cookout on monday.  everyone enjoy!!!

Just thought I'd say Hi! I've been at a Barbecue all day and it was absolutely beautiful, even for England! LOL I even had to go home to change out of my jeans into something cooler...

My best friend's son was 2 yesterday, he's so adorable - he calls me Auntie Dottie as do my nephews. He played football with my son and his cousins in the garden and we had some lovely burgers and hot dogs etc.

That was it really - what did you lot get up to this weekend?

i think some kind of Lost time warping is going on, because we have straight up London RAIN all day today and yesterday, looks like it will continue into tomorrow as well, :(

so i've been inside all day, doing work around the house, i've just finished putting the walls back up in my bathroom, now i need to spackle and paint

Good point cbdubbs, we're due to have lovely weather here tomorrow too so maybe we've swapped?LOL!

I like the way you call it London Rain!

DIY Tip: when I'm painting, I wear disposable gloves so the paint doesn't get all over my hands and in my nails. We've got a box of them and they're soooo handy. Example: If somebody calls you, you can just take one off to answer it, without getting paint all over the phone! Because they're disposable you just pop another one on and continue...


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