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How to paste a picture?

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I have a map I wanted to put in a post. It is saved on my computer. I tried to copy and then paste it in my post and that did not work. I tried the insert button on the post that did not work. Any suggestions?

jugdish, you have to get it on the internet somehow first.  If you don't have a webpage to do this with, then you can use a free picture host.  What I use is photobucket, since it's not complicated.  Just sign up and load the photo.  When you're done, it'll give you a few links for that photo, one of which is between [ img ] [ /img ] tags (just without the spaces, and with the URL of the photo in between).  Just cut and paste it here and try it out, we'll let you know if it's working.

Thanks I will try it later.

Fanx jugdish and PandoraX, I have been meaning to ask that too!

My husband's got a photobucket account, he helped me do my signature etc. so I'm going to get him to do the pet photos later!

You should also be able to ATTACH images to a post - in which case they will be hosted on this server, but there is a limit on size. You should see this option in the ADDITIONAL OPTIONS area under the message composition box.


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