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Jules Verne's Mysterious Island

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I seen this movie listed in the index. I watched this movie on AMC or TCM about 6 or so months ago. I remember killer huge spiders but not a polar bear though. There was a dog with the survivors also. They found Captain Nemo on this island and he was using this island as his hideout. I remember the hot air balloon, a pirate ship and some type of medicine. Oh and smoke, but it was yellow though, I think. OH the volcano!!! Now I remember how they got off the island! Hope LOST doesn't end the way this movie did. Any volcanoes on craphole island mentioned yet?? Hmmm, I need to watch this movie again. Don't know if this movie is available for rental through Netflix or your local video rental store but it's definitely an interesting and good movie to watch. If I see it listed again on my DirectTv Guide, I'll let anyone who wants to see it, know about it.

Devilish:  I never read or saw the movie on it, so thanks for providing more details (I got my info in the sticky from another lost fan who had read the book, so that might be a little different).  Do you think it's an ok movie?

Definately a good movie with clear Lost-type tie-ins.  Think it was food for fodder for our favorite writers.

PandoraX, I googled and the book is available online to read. I haven't read it yet. I skimmed through it though. Now this is interesting: In the book, there is an orangutan named Jupe. Hanso Foundation has that orangutan named Joop. I don't remember an orangutan in the movie though. Since LOST has progressed, I think if I watched the movie again, it would be better than the first time I seen it. The next time it comes on, I'm definitely going to tivo it so I can go back and watch certain parts again and again and again. I checked my tvguide for the rest of the month and it doesn't come on any channel this month. Here's the link for the book online:
Just seen another website that you can download the book:

Wow, that orangutang named Jupe thing is HUGE!  Thanks so much for sharing it!


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