Author Topic: Welcome to the SPOILER Board! - Please Read First  (Read 15490 times)

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Welcome to the SPOILER Board! - Please Read First
« on: May 03, 2006, 10:27:50 AM »
Welcome to the Spoiler Forum! 

We'd like to encourage people to post what they know about potential spoilers, but we'd like to set a few ground rules first, to keep people from making up "spoilers" as rumors that have no basis whatsoever.

1)  A spoiler is not baseless speculation that you made up.  It is insider information that could point to what will happen in future epsiodes; it is at least in part factual (not just opinion), but has not yet been given to the general public through the shows themselves.  Speculation (guessing based on what has been revealed in the show so far) is what the Theories & Speculation Forum is for.  There is also a Spoilers Theories & Speculation Forum for those who want to base their theories on spoilers.  Please also be considerate and keeping spoilerish information within the two Spoiler Forums, because many people do not want extra hints about what will happen in the future.

2)  A spoiler is something that has a source; please let us know what it is, don't just say "I might have heard something somewhere".  If you read it on "Ask Ausiello" or Spoilerfix, or heard it on a Podcast, then that is the source.  If you saw someone else post about this on another forum, then that is a secondhand source; try to give their screenname and the forum so that we can decide for ourselves if this is a good spoiler.  If you yourself are the source (i.e. you live in Hawaii and saw someone shooting something you believe is LOST related, and snapped some secret set photos), then please let us know that also.  Your identity will be protected if that's an issue.  Spoilers that don't have a source at all or are written "I heard a secret that is REALLY AWESOME about the finale... PM me for details" will run the risk of being deleted or locked at our discretion.  If a spoiler is real, then share with the whole class.

3)  There will be penalties for deliberate (especially repeat) faked spoilers, if we discover you are making them up for attention.  We understand mistakes can happen, so we'll take this on a case-by-case basis (and this is where a source comes in handy, so that credit can go where credit is deserved for good spoilers, but also people won't be accidentally blamed for someone else's mistakes).

These rules aren't to discourage people from posting spoilers, but to create an environment where people can come to "get the real inside scoop", not hear unreliable and fabricated rumors (there are enough of those going around on the internet).

It is our understanding that you have read and understand our forum Rules & Regulations and will apply them on this forum.  Please see the Usage Agreement also, for more details.
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