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Wooh! Make yo head pop off!


So, that's what I say (in sort of a cajuny accent) when I eat something really spicy. Now, every time I say that I'm going to picture little Antonio Banderas guy getting his head popped by The Mountain. How gross was that? The little guy was doing so good! Jamie and Tyrion were so excited! Then that happened. I was surprised, but then at the same time was like "Well, this is Game of Thrones". It was so good and so bad and so awesome and so disturbing at the same time. Yay!?

That might have been the most gruesome thing I have ever seen on TV.  Why, in the name of God, would you taunt a man named "the Mountain" within arms reach?  Antonio's girlfriend was screaming, but all Tyrion could do was be all like "thanks for nothing". 


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